Action program for “no hunger in VN” launched

VGP – The Government has recently issued a national action program for “No hunger in Viet Nam” until 2025.
The objective of the program is to ensure enough food and foodstuffs and provide the sufficient nutrition for the people in order to enhance the Vietnamese people’s fitness, intellectual and stature. At the same time, it also aims to realize the no. 2 sustainable development goal (SDG2) as committed by the Government to the United Nations.

Specifically, by 2025, most of the Vietnamese households have enough food and foodstuff with nutrition ensured throughout the year. The program will work to reduce the malnutrition rate among Vietnamese children aged under two with the following targets of reducing the kwashiorkor malnutrition rate to below 20% and reducing the marasmus malnutrition rate to below 5%.

As scheduled, the program will carry out a number of tasks, such as identifying nutritional needs for the different ages of household members, ensuring food and foodstuff for the people’s consumption demands, improving the nutritional status of children from fetus to the age of two, and improving micronutrients for mothers and children.

Also, it will work to finalize the social policies needed to facilitate the access to nutrition services among pregnant women and children, improve the quality of the nutrition risk monitoring and warning systems, and developing food and foodstuff systems, as well as a sustainable food supply and consumption system.

By Vien Nhu

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