New regulations on culture & arts human resources trained abroad

VGP – The Prime Minister has issued Decision No. 1240/QD-TTg on amending and supplementing Article 1 of the PM’s Decision No. 1437/QD-TTg dated July 19, 2016 on the approval of the project on training human resource of culture and arts in foreign countries up to 2030.

The revision and supplement contents feature training areas, training subjects, and training levels.

Under the project, the areas of training consist of music, fine arts, stage, cinema, dancing, circus and culture, with a priority given to training the disciplines in which Vietnam is not capable of training or the training quality is not high.

Regarding the training subjects and levels, the Decision No. 1240/QD-TTg stipulates the bachelor’s level training for the following subjects:

- Students of culture & arts training establishments with ethical grading of credit or above, academic grading of distinction or above, or with national, regional and international prizes.

- Overseas Vietnamese students who have graduated from intermediate schools and colleges at foreign culture & art training institutions and are received by foreign training establishments, or who are asked by domestic training establishments, which send them for overseas training, to register for  tertiary training.

- Students of talent training programs with ethical performance of credit or above and academic grading of distinction or above at culture & arts training establishments, who are selected for overseas training at the same or higher training level.

The Master’s level training is subject to:

- Lecturers, teachers and researchers asked to register for Master’s level training by domestic culture & arts training establishments.

- Public servants and artists with suitable diplomas received by foreign training establishments; Graduates who have ethical performance of credit or above and academic graduation grading of distinction or above at domestic culture & arts training institution and aspire to study overseas to become lecturers, researchers, experts and artists for the training institutions and culture & arts units.

- Overseas Vietnamese university graduates who are received by foreign training establishments or are asked by domestic training institutions, which send them abroad for tertiary education, to enroll for the Master’s training.

                                                                                                                By Vien Nhu

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