Plan supporting women’s start-up ratified

VGP – The PM has approved a plan to support women’s start-up in the 2017-2025 phase, aiming to increase women’s awareness of the Party and State’s guidelines, policies and laws on start-up.
The plan also heads to realize business initiatives and contribute to fulfilling the national target on business development and the national strategy on gender equality.

By 2025, five targets will be completed including 90% of officials working at associations at all levels improving their awareness and methods of supporting women’s start-up and business development, 70% of women increasingly being aware of start-up and employment, assisting 20,000 women in business establishment and start-up, setting up 1,200 cooperatives controlled by women and 100,000 newly-established enterprises by women receiving consultancy.

The plan will give priority to women in poor households, disadvantaged areas, ethnic minority groups, and handicapped ones.

One of the crucial tasks of the plan is to help women renew, develop business and start-up, select start-up models and models at community in 10 representative localities.

By Thuy Dung

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