Project on strengthening tourism communication approved

VGP – The Prime Minister has approved a project on strengthening tourism communication which aims to renovate the methods and contents, and enhance the application of advanced technology in tourism information and communication.
The project also looks towards strengthening information and communication on the position and the motivation role of the tourism sector in boosting the development of other fields, as well as on mechanisms and policies for tourism development and typical tourism products of localities to the people, businesses and tourists, both at home and abroad, contributing to advertising Viet Nam as a safe, friendly and quality destination.

Under the project, the communication contents include: 1 – The Party’s views and guidelines, the State’s policies and laws, the contents and results of implementing the State’s strategies, plans, programs and projects on tourism development, and rules of civilized behavior in the field of tourism; 

2 – The outstanding, different, highly competitive and national-brand tourism products;

3 – Typical successful models and examples in developing tourism, effectively resolving the social security issues, creating many jobs, shifting economic structure and creating a driving force for other industries and sectors to develop, generating multi-faceted efficiency in terms of the economy, culture, society, politics, foreign affairs, security and national defence.

The aforementioned contents are disseminated through means of mass media, activities and events, the Internet and other kinds of activities, such as offering tourism communication documents on the web portal of the Ministry of Information and Communications as references for journalists, building and publishing publications on tourism to communicate at international tourism fairs, and organizing tourism communication contests.

 By Vien Nhu

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