Strengthening copyright protection

VGP – The PM has approved a project on the enhancement of management and enforcement of copyright and related rights until 2020, with orientations towards 2025, seeking to create transformations and strengthen efficiency in management and enforcement of copyright and related rights.

Socio-economic tasks delegated to five ministries in 2017

VGP – The PM has delegated socio-economic development tasks in 2017 to five Ministries of Planning and Investment, Agriculture and Rural Development, Industry and Trade, Health and Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

Restructuring for more competitive VN

VGP – The PM has approved adjustments to the investment plan for the “Restructuring for a more competitive Viet Nam” (RCV) project, which uses the non-refundable official development assistance (ODA) capital from the Australian government.

Gov’t prepares for NASC’s fifth session

VGP – PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc has assigned Government members to prepare statements and reports for the upcoming fifth session of the National Assembly Standing Committee (NASC).

Financial sector modernization project extended

VGP – The PM has approved the extension of the Financial Sector Modernization and Information Management Project for Viet Nam, which is sponsored by the World Bank till December 31, 2017.

Higher civil servant base salary approved

VGP – Since July 1, 2017, the monthly base salary for civil servants, public employees and those working in the armed forces will increase by 7% from VND 1.21 million (nearly US$ 54) to VND 3 million (US$ 58).

Ben Tre water management project ratified

VGP – The PM has approved in principle the investment for the Ben Tre water management project, which is sponsored by the Japanese Government through an Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan.

Project to strengthen provincial health systems gets longer

VGP – The PM has approved the extension of the second phase of the Strengthening provincial health systems project till June 30, 2017, which is sponsored through a non-refundable Official Development Assistance (ODA) of the German Government.