PM requests urgent measures to overcome floods

VGP – PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc has recently issued a public telegraph to direct ministries, agencies, localities to surmount consequences of  typhoon Damrey and provide emergency aid relief for flood victims in the Central and South Central Coast of Viet Nam.  

PM approves development roadmap for bond market in 2017-2020

VGP – The PM has recently approved the Bond Market Development Roadmap for the 2017-2020 period, with a vision towards 2030, aiming to develop a stable bond market with a synchronous and complete structure in terms of supply-demand factors.

PM okeys master scheme on Khanh Hoa province

VGP – PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc has permitted Khanh Hoa province to set up a master plan on socio-economic development and adjust the Bac Van Phong special administrative-economic planning scheme.

Plan supporting women’s start-up ratified

VGP – The PM has approved a plan to support women’s start-up in the 2017-2025 phase, aiming to increase women’s awareness of the Party and State’s guidelines, policies and laws on start-up.

PM approves target program on cultural development

VGP – The PM has recently approved a target program on cultural development in the period of 2016-2020, with a general goal of preserving and promoting values of the country’s cultural heritage, and developing modern cultural facilities with national symbol value as well as political, historical and traditional values, towards realizing a strategic goal of building the progressive Vietnamese culture imbued with national identities.